Hey, nice to e-meet you. My name's Rosa Fairfield and I'm the person behind this whimsical world of colourful designs.

⬆️ THAT'S ME ⬆️

I've been a freelance artist for the past five years, working on: art commissions, web design, and book illustration. Inspired by comic books and pop culture; it's my aim to brighten up homes - and the internet - with my fun illustrations, whilst promoting the occasional important message. 

Got a project? Visit the commission page and get in touch. I'm always itchin' to create. 

If you'd like to see more quirky designs head over to my lifestyle website: Oh! Ducky Darling. Or, bring some whimsy into your own home by hitting up my Redbubble shop

* I use Rosa Fairfield for my professional work, but my birth name is Laura Smith.